Gilwell Ada's Hoeve


Gilwell Ada’s Hoeve is een prachtig buitencentrum waar je op de authentieke manier kan genieten van scouting! Kamperen, pionieren, vuur stoken, vlot varen, het kan hier allemaal!

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Ada’s Hoeve geopend voor Scouting groepen

Goed nieuws! Vanaf 1 juli is de Ada’s Hoeve ook weer open voor Scouting groepen! Uiteraard volgen we hier de richtlijnen van het RIVM en de protocollen van Scouting Nederland (waar alle groepen over zijn geïnformeerd). Toch nog vragen? Neem dan contact op via


logo scenesGilwell Ada's Hoeve is niet alleen het eerste Gilwell terrein in Nederland, maar sinds 2015 is het ook het eerste SCENES terrein in Nederland. SCENES staat voor: Scout Centres of Excellence for Nature and the Environment.

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gah campGilwell Ada's Hoeve has been one of the most beautiful campsites of Scouting in the Netherlands for over 90 years. It's a campsite made by and made for Scouts. The website gives you a preview, but Ada's Hoeve is an experience, you have to see it, smell it, hear it, feel it and taste it!

Unique location

Gilwell Ada's Hoeve is outdoor living to the fullest! On site you find over 25 campsites and three accommodations. The sheltered small, medium to large campsites all have their own fireplace. Each campsite is a private area within the national park of Ada's Hoeve. Additionally, Ada's Hoeve has various large playgrounds, a house and two cabins. Camping at Ada's Hoeve also means camping near the river De Vecht. Both rivers, De Vecht and Regge, offer plenty of water entertainment: swimming, rafting and canoeing, it is all possible! We also have a large stock of pioneering wood, barrels to build your own raft, a shop full of camping supplies and plenty more.


The rural and wooded surrounding simply asks for adventure, for example hiking with overnight stays at Zeesserveld or Eerde! The city of Ommen is a wonderful town, especially during summer! Every year it has summer events, markets and disco nights. You can also rent bicycles, canoes, tilt-carts and horses. Since 1923 Scouts have been camping at Gilwell Ada's Hoeve. Memories are everywhere! You will notice that every campsite has its own name for a special reason. Ask the camp staff or try figuring it out yourself. Boy Scouts from Singapore 'planted' an everlasting memory at the site Jongensveld. It is a totem pole of 13 metres. Scouts, but also non-Scouts love to camp at Ada's Hoeve, make international friends, share the best experiences ever and have fun! See you soon!

Plattegrond Gilwell Adas HoeveEach campsite at Ada’s Hoeve has its own unique features, like small wooded campsites, large meadows or fields near the river. You can build your troop camp together, near each other or create your own little campsites on site.

A couple of examples. The smallest campsites are Anloo and Jan Houtman, for approximately 15 Scouts. Larger campgrounds are Gouden Pijl and Roggeveld B, both have the capacity till 200 people. But we have plenty of campsites in between. If you are looking for a place where each troop can have its own spot, then Leidersveld I, Leidersveld II and Renbaan A will suit you. It goes without saying, that each campsite has its own fireplace.

Would you like to go camping beside the river De Vecht? Where it is possible to crawl out your tent and go swimming or canoeing straight away at dawn! Then you should choose Klein Duivenbos, Purmerend or Gouden Pijl.

Some campsites are for rent too including an accommodation. Perfect for the Beavers! A building has many advantages, you’ll always have a dry and warm place to cook and sleep. These accommodations can also be booked for trainings, day courses or any other meetings. If someone books Leidersveld I and/or Leidersveld II, most of the time these campsites are booked in combination with the cabins.

  • Click here to submit a campsite reservation (click on BOOK NOW at the requested campsite).
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10650703924 fc5a65870e cMore than 25 campsites and 3 accommodations!

They come in all shapes and sizes and the choice can be awesome!

Outdoor Centre Gilwell Ada’s Hoeve has over 25 campsites and 3 accommodations, waiting for your weekend trip, camping holiday or any other outdoor activity. Either you like a small campsite for your Explorer Scouts or a couple of campgrounds for thousands of Cubs? Everything is possible at Gilwell Ada’s Hoeve!

You can reach campsite Gilwell Ada’s Hoeve easily.


Gilwell Ada’s Hoeve is situated on the road Zwolseweg 17, 7731 BC in Ommen, the Netherlands. You can reach us by phone at +31 (0)529 45 14 89.

By car

In most cases you will drive to Ommen via one of the main roads A28, N340 or N348. When you arrive in the centre of Ommen, turn right and cross the bridge (turn left if you come from Hardenberg). Turn right again straight after the bridge, this is the Zwolseweg. After approximately a kilometre you see campsite Gilwell Ada’s Hoeve at your right hand side.

From Hellendoorn or Den Ham, turn left before the bridge, this is the Zwolseweg. After approximately a kilometre you see campsite Gilwell Ada’s Hoeve at your right hand side.

By bike

Ommen has plenty of beautiful bike paths and tracks. You can reach Ommen from all directions by bike. We advise you to consult a proper road map travelling by bike.

By train

Every 30 minutes trains arrive from Zwolle and Emmen to Ommen station. Gilwell Ada’s Hoeve is situated at a 15-20 minutes walking distance from Ommen station. Walk down the Stationsweg and turn to the left before the end, this is Het Laar. You pass a deer camp and walk into the Zwolseweg. Turn to the left. After approximately a kilometre you are in front of Gilwell Ada’s Hoeve.


Are you using a route navigation system? The following GPS coordinates bring you to campsite Gilwell Ada’s Hoeve: N52 30.862 E6 24.128.

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