Gilwell Ada's Hoeve


Gilwell Ada’s Hoeve is een prachtig buitencentrum waar je op de authentieke manier kan genieten van scouting! Kamperen, pionieren, vuur stoken, vlot varen, het kan hier allemaal!

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Ada’s Hoeve geopend voor Scouting groepen

Goed nieuws! Vanaf 1 juli is de Ada’s Hoeve ook weer open voor Scouting groepen! Uiteraard volgen we hier de richtlijnen van het RIVM en de protocollen van Scouting Nederland (waar alle groepen over zijn geïnformeerd). Toch nog vragen? Neem dan contact op via


logo scenesGilwell Ada's Hoeve is niet alleen het eerste Gilwell terrein in Nederland, maar sinds 2015 is het ook het eerste SCENES terrein in Nederland. SCENES staat voor: Scout Centres of Excellence for Nature and the Environment.

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Wooden pioneering poles (per object)   Free 4,00 per weekend
8,00 per week
Raft (4 drums / 7 poles) 7,50 per day 12,50 per day
Pizza oven 10,00 for ½ day 15,00 for ½ day
Branding2 0,35 per piece 0,35 per piece
Archery2 20,00 per hour 40,00 per hour
50,00 per hour (day visitors)
Samoerai   Free   Free
What's walking in my tent?   Free   Free
The taste of nature   Free   Free
Animal tracking   Free   Free
See the forest through the trees   Free   Free
Basic camping at Zeeserveld   Camp fee Gilwell Ada's Hoeve
(deposit: € 5,00 for map and campsite rules)
  Camp fee Gilwell Ada's Hoeve
(deposit: € 5,00 for map and campsite rules)
Jeu de Boules   Free (deposit: € 5,00)   Free (deposit: € 5,00)
Strike / softball / baseball / soccer   Free   Free
Volleyball   Free   Free
Badminton / tennis / beachball / ping-pong   Free   Free
Kubb game   Free (deposit: € 10,00)   Free (deposit: € 10,00)
Compass practise   Free (deposit: € 10,00)   Free (deposit: € 10,00)
  1. scoutcard1 SmallScouts are required to show a membership card to benefit from the Scout-member rates.
  2. Archery and branding can only take place under supervision of Gilwell Ada’s Hoeve camp staff. Please book these activities in advance.


Five beautiful walking tours start at Gilwell Ada’s Hoeve. These hikes take you through the wonderful countryside of Overijssel. All three trails offer the possibility to stay overnight at another campsite.

  • 'Regge en Dinkel' of 4 km:{phocadownload view=file|id=239|text= Regge en Dinkel (4km)|target=s}
  • 'Huisje, boompje, beestje' of 8 km: {phocadownload view=file|id=246|target=s}
  • ‘Het Kampenlandschap' of 11 km with the possibility to stay overnight at Scouting campsite Eerde:{phocadownload view=file|id=64|text=Hike Kampenlandschap (12.5 km)|target=s}
  • 'Langs vennen en dennen' of 16 km with the possibility to stay overnight at Scouting campite Eerde and Zeesserveld:{phocadownload view=file|id=65|text=Hike Langs vennen en dennen (16 km)|target=s}
  • 'Het Bergpad' of 20 km with the possibility to stay overnight at camping Bergzicht, Zeesserveld or Scouting campsite Eerde:{phocadownload view=file|id=209|text=Hike 'Het Bergpad (20 km)'|target=s}

A topographic detailed map with the exact trail can be obtained at the reception of Gilwell Ada’s Hoeve. We will ask for a deposit. Would you like to arrange a walking or cycling tour, but you cannot be bordered to do the works?



Overnight stay elsewhere?

Would you like to stay overnight at another campsite during your visit? Besides Gilwell Ada’s Hoeve, we have two more campsites in Ommen: Scouting campsite Eerde and Zeesserveld. Both are very suitable for an overnight stay. Scouting campsite Eerde is managed by its owners, whereas Zeesserveld is managed by the camp staff of Gilwell Ada’s Hoeve. An overnight stay at Zeesserveld is free of charge for scouts camping at Gilwell Ada’s Hoeve. It is an ideal campsite for troops that enjoy multi-day hiking.


bord LT EerdeThis campsite is situated south of Ommen, along the way to Den Ham; a wonderful country estate next to the small river de Regge. Eerde has a couple of campsites, all with very limited facilities.


The campsite of Zeesserveld is nothing more and nothing less than a field in the forest. There are no facilities at all. The campsite is no property of Scouting Nederland. Zeesserveld is situated at coordinate 227100-502300. We recommend using the topographic map 22C (1:25000) or 22W (1:50000) of the Topografische Dienst Kadaster.

The Forestry Commission rents the campsite -under strict conditions- to Gilwell Ada’s Hoeve only. We expect all camping guests to treat the campsite properly, so we can keep offering this overnight service for many more years to come. The maximum number of people that is allowed to stay overnight is 15.

If you would like to stay overnight, book Zeessserveld at the reception of Gilwell Ada’s Hoeve. Gilwell Ada’s Hoeve will inform the Forestry Commission and camping De Besthmenerberg accordingly.


Gilwell Ada’s Hoeve is not only a beautiful campsite, it is also a fantastic place to have a great time! The activity team of Gilwell Ada’s Hoeve created a lot of activities especially for its guests; games and activities to do at and near the campsite. Our ideas might inspire you to create your own sports programme or games onsite or in the neighbourhood of Ommen. Almost all activities will suit your camp programme perfectly, without doubt!

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